Updated September 4 (FINAL REVISION)


Kyle Orton Denver Broncos: Ok. Why in mock drafts do I see this guy go after the 9th or 10th round really? I mean 20 touchdowns, 3,653 passing yards, and a passer rating of 87.5 isn’t good enough for some fantasy owners? Note: If it were not for the injury he suffered in week 13, Orton could have easily surpassed 25 touchdowns and 4,000 yards passing.

Ryan Fitzpatrick Buffalo Bills : My mind tells me no but my heart tells me yes, Fitzpatrick is in for a big year. Ending the 2010 campaign on a solid note and with a long extensive off season (Thanks to the lockout) Fitzpatrick should be more in rhythm. His receivers Lee Evans and Steve Johnson, running back C.J. Spiller should all make Fitzpatrick reach Top 15 quarterback status.

Matthew Stafford Detroit Lions: Barring any (Injuries) key word INJURIES…… This guy can be a stud. YES! A stud his artillery includes Calvin Johnson aka Megatron, Brandon Pettigrew, Jahvid Best, and Nate Burleson. Only the Colts and Saints threw more passes than the Lions last year. Oh and did I mention that their Defense is legit this year.

Donovan McNabb Minnesota Vikings : I love the move to Minnesota. He will provide more than quality production for those of you drafting running backs early and in need of a quarterback in late rounds. Yes, he is 34 years old but I won’t count this man out. He is a warrior and finds a way to make himself fantasy relevant every year.

Kevin Kolb Arizona Cardinals: Now that we know his landing spot (Arizona) we can all judge him a little better. For starters, he has a wide out by the name of Fitzgerald and a Head Coach by the name of Ken Whisenhunt. So one can only assume this combination makes him a way better quarterback than sitting behind Michael Vick. Yet I still see him go real late he can easily be a Top 10 quarterback.

Sam Bradford St. Louis Rams: Last year’s offensive rookie of the year looks poised to get better and better. Now with more weapons and a second year under his belt he looks ready to stamp his name in the NFL for years to come. Lots of people wouldn’t consider him a sleeper but when you’re the 14th – 15th quarterback taken off the board, and have potential to finish I say Top 6 you’re a sleeper to me.

Running Backs

Jahvid Best Detroit Lions: Now that Mikel Leshoure is out of the picture Jahvid Best becomes an instant riser in the rankings.  He is young, explosive and can only get better from his rookie season. He rushed for 555 yards on 171 attempts and I expect both numbers to go up. Best also has great hands coming out the back field which can help in PPR leagues.

C.J. Spiller Buffalo Bills: Ok I can hear it now “He’s not the featured back” So? This guy has more upside than any running back top to bottom. Yes I know he didn’t score any Touchdowns last year. So? This guy has more upside than any running back top to bottom. So do I need to keep saying it? Please let’s not all forget what this monster did in Clemson, and yes if I’m wrong about him you can crucify me for this one.

Shonn Green New York Jets: I don’t know if I should consider this guy a sleeper given what he did at the end of the 2010 season (HE WAS ON FIRE). I see him usually go after the 7th or 8th rounds so I need to speak on it. Look it here…!! I’ll just point it out 15 games played, 185 rushing attempts, 766 yards, with 2 touchdowns. What if L.T. has an early season injury with this long lockout? Remember he is 32 years old so it’s possible. Green can be on his way to a 1,000 yard rushing season.

Ryan Mathews San Diego Chargers: I hated this guy last year, but I love him this year. Mathews has all the intangibles to be a STUD running back given the offense he plays for. San Diego can easily be in the red zone 3 times a quarter. With that said he is expected to be at 100% this year so no worries about injury. If you can get him around the late 3rd or early 4th get him! You might be thanking me later.

Daniel Thomas Miami Dolphins : Ronnie Brown and Ricky are gone so Miami does what? Bring in Reggie Bush to Miami? AWESOME! That means Thomas will be the feature back with a lot of touches and plenty to offer. Look for him to have between 175-225 touches. He did lead the BIG 12 in rushing last 2 years while at Kansas State, so there is plenty of upside in the Sunshine State.

Beanie Wells Arizona Cardinals: Now with Hightower no longer a Card and the acquisition of Kevin Kolb, Beanie Wells can focus on just running the ball. I have always had a love affair with Wells just because he is big, fast, and can put a pounding on the defenses. Let’s not forget he is ONLY 22 years old and was very productive even with Tim Hightower there last year. Look for him in late rounds as he’s usually still around.

Tim Hightower Washington Redskins: In comparison to his ex-teammate on this page, I believe he can finally just focus on himself and run the ball. But, there is one thing! I’ve NEVER liked the whole Mike Shanahan system and his empty promises. Shanahan will tell you Hightower is the starter, then 3 weeks into the season he’ll start Helu, then 3 weeks after that he goes with Torain so you basically get the point. While I love Hightower and his situation just be cautious. Regardless he might be really worth it late in rounds.

Wide Receivers

Malcom Floyd San Diego Chargers: Floyd has Philip Rivers, Vincent Jackson, and Antonio Gates so everyone is probably thinking that’s the reason to stay away. Well… NO! that’s the reason to keep a close eye on him. Rivers will throw the ball well, Jackson demands the double team, and Gates is a monster that will get his share regardless. Floyd was very productive last year when Jackson held out, now with both of them on the field teams need to pick their poison.

Anthony Armstrong Washington Redskins : I picked this guy up in my league last year and kept him all the way till the end. Don’t ask why or what I saw in him I just saw something coming and boy was I dead on. He has some serious speed and good hands, Washington will be calling his number to go deep. A lot of people compare him to Pittsburgh’s Mike Wallace, but who likes to be compared? He will pave his own lane.

Brandon Tate New England Patriots : This guy is good and the quarterback throwing to him is even better. Tate has a knack of getting in the end zone as he showed last year for a total of five touchdowns. He had 2 kick-off returns for a touchdown, and a 65 yard catch against the Minnesota Vikings which was an eye opener. If the Pats don’t go after Randy Moss, Tate can be in for a big year. Keep him on your radar he might come in handy very early.

A.J. Green Cincinnati Bengals : I had a friend say to me a few weeks ago. “He has the rawest talent coming out of college”, I agree! He can be a force to be wrecking with. The one thing I HATE most of this whole situation is the quarterback controversy currently going on (A retired Carson Palmer). If the Bengals can figure out a way to trade Palmer or release him and sign a veteran quarterback to lead the way for A.J, he can be more than a solid pickup.

Josh Morgan San Francisco : He will benefit greatly under the new regime of Jim Harbaugh. Yes the down side of all this is he has Alex Smith throwing to him, but so what? With Alex Smith throwing to him last year he did have 44 catches for 668 yards and 2 touchdowns. There is some intrigue especially if Harbaugh gets this team in the right direction, keep him in mind he can end up being useful in later rounds.

Steve Breaston Kansas City Chiefs: Ok does anyone remember what this guy did in Arizona with both Boldin and Fitzgerald there at one time? Why does he seem to be taken late and when I say late I mean like 13th or 14th round? He finally gets his opportunity to be a #2 receiver in back of Bowe, keep your eyes on this guy he can be a #2 receiver on your Fantasy team.

Early Doucet Arizona Cardinals: I loved him his rookie year, I liked him last year (NO QUARTERBACK) now this year I’m back in love and this time to stay. He has the possibility of being a great number 2 in back of Larry Fitzgerald. When I flirted with him his rookie year he had 2 studs in front (Boldin & Fitzgerald) and a decent 3rd WR (Breaston) now there’s only one and an opportunity for him to be the every down starter. Look at him late, you might not want to forget about this guy.

Tight Ends

Tony Moeaki Kansas City Chiefs : Can we say the chiefs have found their Tony Gonzalez replacement? Yes! I believe they have. Moeaki is one of those tight ends you scratch your head and try to figure out but it’s actually really simple, he’s young, big, and aggressive. Matt Cassel will enjoy having another year under his belt with Moeaki and he will improve on his 556 yards catching and 3 touchdowns.

Jimmy Graham New Orleans Saints : Take note of what I’m about to say. I would draft this guy over Zach Miller, Mercedes Lewis, and Jermichael Finley (ONLY CAUSE OF INJURY). At the end of season just make sure if I’m right about Jimmy to drop me a line that says “You know what you’re talking about, thanks” Because I definitely will say Jimmy with Drew Brees at the helm will have a breakout season.

Brandon Pettigrew Detroit Lions : Ok this is the guy I’m putting all my marbles on. He will finish Top 5 in tight ends and will be better than you’re normal early round picks like (Dallas Clark cause of Manning’s injury situation) and (Jermichael Finley cause of his injury last year) He is now entering his 3rd season and like I stated in my sleeper quarterbacks the Lions threw more than any NFL team other than the Colts and Saints.

Visanthe Shiancoe Minnesota Vikings: Before the McNabb trade he was all the way down on my list, matter of fact he was an afterthought. After the McNabb trade all I could think of is how efficient McNabb has been through the years with his tight ends. Just look back at Brent Celek and Chris Cooley when McNabb is at the helm, those 2 were heavily involved in the offense and I expect the same in Minnesota. Keep an eye on Shiancoe.

Lance Kendricks St. Louis Rams: I’ve had my eye on this kid before he took a snap in the NFL. Since being drafted in April by the Rams, I felt he was a great fit to the system and to a young quarterback like Sam Bradford. The kid can play and has extremely great hand. At 6’3 and 241 pounds to go along with a 4.5 40 yard dash, I would consider him my deep sleeper in any 12 team format.


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