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  • Michael

    Just curious on how other leagues do it. 3 way tie for 2 playoff spots. We go head to head first, then total points if it involves 3 or more teams that all have the same record against each other (paper rock scissor)

    Team A beats Team B
    Team B beats Team C
    Team C beats Team A

    Total points:
    Team A 950
    Team B 775
    Team C 825

    1st spot then goes to whoever has the most fantasy points, Team A for this scenario. Now here’s my question: Should the 2nd team that gets in be who ever has the 2nd most points? (team C gets 2nd spot) or since Team A has established that they are in, should the tiebreaker revert back to a 2 team tie breaker? (team B gets 2nd spot)

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