Week 14 Start / Sit








QB: Matt Moore (Dolphins)
Moore has been one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the past 5 weeks and if you are going into the playoffs with someone like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Michael Vick, or Mark Sanchez, I highly suggest you look at Moore. Being at home versus a demoralized Eagles team is a PLUS.

QB: Matt Ryan (Falcons)
I have lost lots some faith in Ryan last couple of weeks. Not only has he been up and down the Falcons are not scoring what they are capable of. Matt Ryan has struggled and I now with the Fantasy playoffs here he is a risky choice.








RB: C.J. Spiller (Bills)
Spiller is a MUST start in every format. He runs the ball, catches the ball, and is used heavily in all Offensive packages the Bills run. Not only can he be one of those late season pickups to help you win, he can have a HUGE week here and there and help you get to championship.

RB: Ben Jarvis Ellis (Patriots)
I cannot trust Ellis or his coach. No one ever knows what’s going on with the Patriots because one day you get Danny Woodhead, the next you get Green Ellis and then there is a bump in the road and you get a dose of Stephen Ridley. Remember people it’s playoff time.








RB: Shonn Green (Jets)
Green should have a nice day at home versus the beat up Chiefs. Green has clearly taken center stage in the Jets backfield and is proven now his worth for those of you who drafted him early. Take note that the Jets will most likely pound the ball a lot this game so it’s a great matchup.

RB: Stephen Jackson (Rams)
To me this is a trap game for Jackson and all of you who own him in fantasy leagues. Remember right now is no time to take a risk because most of us are playing in the first round of the playoffs. Go with your knowledge and heart which MY heart says bench Jackson this week with a stingy Seahawks defense he faces.








FLEX: Reggie Bush (Dolphins)
Bush continues to be nothing but productive for owners who were patient with him or picked him up off the waiver wire weeks ago. Once again he should have a nice day with a few dump offs here and there Eagles come in beat up so make sure you pick the right matchups.

FLEX: Marques Colston (Saints)
I would bench Colston for one simple reason this week. There are too many weapons in the Big Easy and Brees will most likely spread the ball around like butter. Brees is a master of getting everyone involved so while I see Colston being a little productive I see him hurting a few people that rely on him heavily to supply big points.








WR: Michael Crabtree (49ers)
Crabtree has become Alex Smith’s favorite target of late. Crabtree started off slow in the season but has done nothing but play solid the last 4 weeks of the season. While the 49ers are on the road they have a soft matchup versus the Cardinals where I see Crabtree getting into the end zone.

WR: Julio Jones (Falcons)
Like I wrote for Matt Ryan in the last few weeks the Falcons have let me down and I would not gamble with them this week especially when most of us are playing in week 1 of the playoffs. It’s time to play smart not with your top guys just cause you drafted them high.








WR: Percy Harvin (Vikings)
Harvin has been playing extremely well in the past 2-3 weeks. This week the Vikings are on the road versus the HIGH powered Lions, Ponder will look Harvin’s way a lot and not only that Harvin has even gotten some carries while Peterson’s ankle has kept him sidelined.

WR: Reggie Wayne (Colts)
Ok, I know you guys are going to say he has been pretty relevant the past 2 weeks but are you guys really going to play him versus Baltimore and in such an important stretch? Just stay away and sit him down.








TE: Anthony Fasano (Dolphins)
Once again here is another Dolphin that has been nothing but solid the past 4 weeks. The Miami Dolphins might be 4-8 but, they definitely have lots of players on their roster putting up quality numbers.

TE: Kellen Winslow (Buccaneers)
Freeman? Bust… Blount? Bust… Williams? Bust… Winslow? Ok… Do you really want to start someone that has been ok? No I suggest you look elsewhere like Fasano, Olsen, Shockey, even Dustin Keller








DEF: Bengals
Andre Johnson is banged up ONCE AGAIN! And the Texans will be going with a 3rd string Quarterback the Bengals have potential to have a field day on Sunday look out.

DEF: Titans
They are playing the New Orleans Saints bottom line…








KICKER: Sebastian Janikowski (Raiders)
Just to clear up the air make sure you STILL start this man even though he had 2 points last week don’t get cute it can come back and backfire.

KICKER: Matt Bryant (Falcons)
Like I have been saying through my post the Falcons offense is lackadaisical look up that word in case you don’t know it.


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