Week 13 Start / Sit








QB: Matt Moore (Dolphins)
If you’re looking for a reliable quarterback and have had injuries to Vick, Schaub, or Cutler, Moore is a good start this week for someone fighting for that last playoff spot in any league.

QB: Joe Flacco (Ravens)
First off I don’t like this matchup cause I see the Ravens running a lot and hard with Ray Rice. Second Flacco has NOT proven himself this year when he has had the chance so I say don’t take the risk just cause you see the Browns on the schedule.








RB: Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks)
Eagles look depleted and exhausted, The Seahawks are at home and I look for Lynch to run hard and efficient versus a team in disarray.

RB: Cedric Benson (Bengals)
Yes Benson has been running well and hard versus a lot of good defenses but the Steelers are not good they are GREAT and at home makes them even tougher look elsewhere.








RB: Maurice Morris (Lions)
Even if Kevin Smith plays I don’t see him being very productive. Morris has played better and better every week he gets more than 15 touches look for Morris to establish himself early and run well.

RB: Steven Jackson (Rams)
Jackson excites me and then he worries me, I mean such a talent like his should be starting every week right? But this week is not just any week most of you all are fighting for playoff spots so play smart not dumb. He is going against the 49ers defense on the road the 49ers are tough and are looking to bounce back be cautious.








FLEX: C.J. Spiller (Bills)
I love Spiller as a flex because I mean come on, who can honestly say they start a flex player that has as much upside as Spiller. He is the only one in that Bills backfield that will get a lot of touches and he is at home.

FLEX: Dwayne Bowe (Chiefs)
Listen, I know he has been a stud muffin all year but here it goes… One you’re fighting for a spot in postseason and, two they really have NO QUARTERBACK! Enough Said!








WR: Nate Burleson (Lions)
Burleson is a great secondary receiver and should be noted that he gets plenty of looks when Calvin “Megatron” Johnson is being doubled team. Once again, if you’re looking to make some postseason noise don’t just go with a brand name go with someone who will produce.

WR: Roddy White (Falcons)
I know White has been flaming hot the last few weeks but prior to that he was MIA and I’m not referring to what happens in war either. Be careful with White here especially in such a crucial week like this one for playoff position he can bite you in the butt later on.








WR: Antonio Brown (Steelers)
Man do I love this guy, not only does he produce but he is tough and goes down the middle for Big Ben. Look for Brown to have a nice week as the Bengals will focus on Mike Wallace and Brown will have plenty of targets.

WR: Steve Johnson (Bills)
Steve “shot myself in the foot” Johnson not only did he shot himself in the thigh when he scored but he shot himself in the foot when he dropped key balls thrown to him at the end of the day. Before all his big attention this week he went 5 weeks without a touchdown I see streak starting once again.








TE: Anthony Fasano (Dolphins)
For some reason Fasano has waken up in the last 4 weeks he makes an excellent play this week if you’re in need of a BIG splash at TE to secure your playoff spot just look at his numbers because numbers don’t lie.

TE: Brandon Pettigrew (Lions)
Pettigrew has been fairly quite last few weeks and I suggest not risking a play on him with this game at New Orleans can turn into shoot out and all targets going to Megatron.








DEF: Buccaneers
Versus Carolina at home I really like this matchup as Cam Newton like to sling away and a pick or two is likely.

DEF: Packers
This game has the potential key word POTENTIAL to big a HIGH scoring game so with all that said I suggest sitting the Packers defense for this one. Yes I know Manning tends to make a lot of mistakes but those usually are on the road and the Giants are at home.








KICKER: David Akers (49ers)
Akers has been nothing but MONEY for San Francisco similar to what he was last year for the Eagles so I say start the man and at home he has potential for a whole lot of points.

KICKER: Matt Bryant (Falcons)
Bryant is shaky just like the Falcons offense so be careful with using him as your best option.


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