Start / Sit Week 11








QB: Colt McCoy (Browns)
McCoy has been solid some weeks and others he has been well let’s just say average. This week versus the Jaguars he should have one of those better weeks. If you have say Drew Brees or Ben Roethlisberger on a bye McCoy is not a bad choice given he is up against a weak Jaguars defense.

QB: Philip Rivers (Chargers)
Rivers keeps disappointing me and I benched him a few weeks ago, so with that said I say bench him again. On the road versus the Bears is NOT a simple task. Just look back and see at what the Bears did to the Lions this past week.








RB: Reggie Bush (Dolphins)
If you follow my site I said start him last week, what did he do? Well he only had 2 touchdowns guess that doesn’t mean much. Well I say start him again why because the bills are in town and there will be a lot of offense. Bush looks more comfortable in the Dolphins offense as well so he has been very efficient.

RB: Cedric Benson (Bengals)
He has loss touches to Bernard Scott since coming back from suspension. This week Benson faces the Ravens on the road, I think that’s enough said given Benson hasn’t been himself since coming back.








RB: Brandon Jacobs (Giants)
I will be honest at first I didn’t believe in Jacobs, but ever since becoming the starter all he has done is make non-believers like me become believers. This week the Giants are at home, playing the struggling Eagles and Jacobs has been running well and hard. I say start him as a number 1 this week.

RB: LeGarrette Blount (Buccaneers)
Blount is recently off an injury and playing versus the 9-0 Packers which doesn’t help one bit. The Packers have a strong defense period and Blount is going to struggle against the Pack. To make matter worst it’s on the road at lambeau field.








FLEX: Nate Washington (Titans)
With all the attention being placed on Damien Williams, I believe Washington will have a nice day. The Titans can put up points, and if any indication that Johnson is still relevant Washington can get some open looks down field and once again be Hasselbeck’s deep threat. I say go with your gut here but Washington to me looks like a good play.

FLEX: Dwayne Bowe (Chiefs)
For the last month Bowe has struggled it’s just that simple and now with No Cassel, No running game, and most likely no chance for a clear path to the playoffs Bowe will be more of an afterthought than the go to guy in Kansas City.








WR: Chad Johnson (Patriots)
YES! Finally my gut feeling pick comes around, this is for a true true deep sleeper league. Chad Johnson in the last 3 weeks has gotten more involved in offense and looked more in sync with Brady. Look for Brady and Johnson to use this game as sort of a let’s see what kind of connection we can create. The Chiefs won’t be able to stop the Pats offense so Johnson, being the one offensive player that has been non-relevant gets a chance to possibly shine.

WR: Victor Cruz (Giants)
I see the Giants pounding and pounding the ball this week versus the Eagles. They will try to wear out the Eagles run defense to open up the game for the air attack, but there is only on problem! Since Cruz has had the hot hand in the last few weeks, I look for Nnamdi Asomugha to cover him like a blanket this weekend.








WR: Michael Crabtree (49ers)
The 49ers face the Cardinals at home this week, I look for Jim Harbaugh to have this team prepared to the MAX so they don’t let up against a weaker opponent. Crabtree has definitely shown signs of life in the last few weeks and if he can manage to kick it into high gear this week it will only setup a great matchup for week 12 when the 49ers visit the Ravens.

WR: Vincent Jackson (Chargers)
I don’t know what to really say about Jackson, at one point in the season I really liked him a lot then things went sour. Now after the meltdown on Thursday Night Football I don’t know what to expect out of Jackson. All I will say is to play it on the safe side since they are going up against the Bears on the road bench him just like I did the Quarterback.








TE: Ed Dickinson (Ravens)
I really like Dickinson not only does he get open and catch the ball, Flacco tends to relay on him on critical short yardage situations which include the red zone. If you need a plug this week at Tight End look for Dickinson in your leagues.

TE: Kellen Winslow II (Buccaneers)
Winslow once regarding as possibly one of the best tight ends to come out of college is just a normal tight end on the field now in days. Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey combined and which are both on the same team are having better seasons than Winslow. Winslow is alone in the Buccaneers depth chart for tight ends and he still doesn’t make a good play.








DEF: Browns
The Browns play well at home and the defense isn’t shabby at all. They face the Jaguars at home this weekend and if you’re looking for a quick fix the Browns won’t be a bad team to pick this week

DEF: Eagles
My ole my, are the Eagles just in total disarray. Remember people Vick might NOT play so with that being the case the Giants might cause massive amount of turnovers versus Vince Young leading to easy scores for the Giants.








KICKER: Dan Carpenter (Dolphins)
The Dolphins offense is no juggernaut but can move the ball, Carpenter may see lots of looks this weekend to keep the game close. Carpenter is a nice play with great weather in Miami.

KICKER: Olindo Mare (Panthers)
Mare has been good cause the Panthers do move the ball, but with the Panthers playing the Lions this week and the Panthers needing to score (Touchdowns NOT Field Goals) Mare might not see the field as much.


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