Week 10 Start / Sit








QB: Matt Hasselbeck (Titans) 
Seattle has been playing much better offensively. Lynch has been running the ball well and has settled Hasselbeck down. I like, not love the fact that they are at home against the Ravens which means a lot of possible passes for Hasselbeck

QB: Eli Manning (Giants)
The 49ers defense has been much underrated for the past weeks if not season. Manning will have a tough time on the road especially against a defense which has helped San Francisco get to 7-1. In my book Manning is not a good start at all.








RB: Jackie Battle (Chiefs)
Battle has to be more involved for the Chiefs to win this week and I believe that will be the case. The Chiefs have Tebow at home so I see more opportunities presenting themselves for the Chiefs offense. Look for Battle to have a good game.

RB: Fred Jackson (Bills)
Jackson has been a little quiet the past few weeks. This week the Bills visit the Cowboys and Big D’s front four is no easy task. I look for Fred Jackson once again to have a semi decent performance, only because he is used in the passing game as much as any other back in the league








RB: Reggie Bush (Dolphins)
Bush has been much more involved and efficient in the Dolphins offense the past 2 weeks. Bush has become basically a lead back and made him a viable fantasy option. At home versus the Redskins I see the same kind of success look for him to continue his streak.

RB: Beanie Wells (Cardinals)
Wells has been injury prone all year basically, but not until 2 weeks ago had those injuries affected his play on the field. Just for precautionary reasons I would sit him out. I can’t rely on a player that the past 2 weeks has struggled and this week faces an Eagles defense at home which has improved the past 3 weeks.








FLEX: Shonn Greene (Jets)
Green has a chance to prove this week he can run with the best of them. This game is going to be hard noise football for the start. The Jets are home and will pound the ball to wear down the Patriots defense as much as they can. I would definitely start Greene as a flex this week.

FLEX: Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks)
If you read my QB Start then you would understand why I say bench Lynch. Yes, Lynch has improved and even helped the Seahawks offense to open up but with the Ravens in town this game is going to be much more about how much pass attempts Hasselbeck has than how many times he hands off to Lynch.








WR: Jordy Nelson (Packers)
Nelson so been nothing but MONEY for Rodgers this season. Not only does Nelson get open and catch the ball, he gets the ball in the end zone no matter what part of the field he is in. Nelson has turned out to be a great 3rd target for Rodgers and I look for that to Continue.

WR: Brandon Marshall (Dolphins)
Wow how Marshall has fallen down to reality. Three years ago right now we would be talking about Marshall and saying “Did you see how many balls he caught in that game”. NOW we are begging that not only he catches it, but that one of them happens to be in the end zone. So I say let’s keep hoping and praying.








WR: Antonio Brown (Steelers)
I believe Big Ben has found his new favorite target in Antonio Brown this guy is actually putting up better numbers than Mike Wallace. Brown not only is efficient but gets open when Big Ben needs him too. If you haven’t added this guy do so fast and start him.

WR: Roddy White (Falcons)
Bench, Bench, and Bench this guy some more. Not only has he been a disappointment he isn’t even the best receiver on his team anymore Julio Jones is. White needs to be benched like a lot of owners don’t stress yourself this far deep in the season there are other options.








TE: Scott Chandler (Bills)
Wow this guy has been such a nice addition to Ryan Fitzpatrick’s arsenal. Chandler just finds the end zone not only in the United States but in Canada (Overseas) start this guy there will be a lot of throwing in Dallas.

TE: Tony Gonzalez (Falcons)
I think age is catching up already, yes he still has flashes some weeks where he shows he still prominent but this late in the season I need someone that’s going to be reliable every down.








DEF: Packers Defense
I will go out on a limb and say Packers Defense can possibly have a field day but, Christian Ponder has been playing well so I would start them but on the cautious side.

DEF: Giants Defense
I believe the 49ers will give the Giants Defense fits this weekend. The Giants which are already NOT that good at stopping the past face a monster of a running back in Gore. Look for the Giants to struggle this week.








KICKER: Jason Hanson (Lions)
The Lions once again will have plenty of opportunities to score and Hanson will be in red zone a lot look for another great day from Hanson.

KICKER: Alex Henery (Eagles)
Eagles will score this week but mostly touchdowns and on short 4th downs they will probably go for it near the end zone.


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