Week 8 Start / Sit







QB: Christian Ponder (Vikings)
I love what I’ve seen out of Ponder so far this season. This week the Vikings travel to visit the Panthers and we should all expect some points up on the board. He seems to have a connection with Jenkins so keep an eye out for that as well.

QB: Philip Rivers (Chargers)
Rivers looks out of sync with his offense the past 2 weeks. I would not recommended starting him this week at all giving it’s on the road and a divisional game which always brings surprises. Just look at his stats so far this season 9 Touchdowns 11 Interceptions not a good sign of quality play.







RB: Jackie Battle (Chiefs)
Battle should get his share of carries this week, last week was all the hype and talk but this week should be the real deal. They are at home and the division game alone brings up the intensity for this game. Battle should get a minimum of 20-25 carries this Sunday.

RB: Chris Johnson (Titans)
Ok, I know people are going to look and say “ARE YOU CRAZY” well here is why. First off if you’re someone who has picked up Jackie Battle, DeMarco Murray, or Delone Carter off waivers, do the math they’ve been outperforming Johnson for the past weeks. Second I think many of us are frustrated with his performance this year so far so sitting him wouldn’t hurt anyways.







RB: DeMarco Murray (Cowboys)
Well after 200 plus yards are you really going to bench this guy even if he’s on the road versus the Eagles? I mean the kid is serious and with Choice’s fumble problems Murray can be in for the bulk of the carries for the next 3 weeks till Felix Jones continues to heal.

RB: Ben Jarvis Green Ellis (Patriots)
The Patriots are on the road versus the stingy Steelers defense. I know lots of people have this game being a shoot out which I can agree to a certain extent, but let’s all be realistic here if someone is going to get touchdown’s quick it’s going to be the wipeouts.







FLEX: Delone Carter: (Colts)
Bottom line he is a safe play with Addai being injured so often. Carter got lots of touches even after the Saints trashing them for 62 points so if you got him on your benches start him over someone like the previous two sit’em running backs I mentioned.

FLEX: Reggie Wayne: Colts
Please bench this guy at all cost!!! Wayne is nowhere near what he was or has been the past 8 seasons. I know a few guys still starting him in certain leagues and all its doing is hurting them instead of helping.







WR: Victor Cruz: (Giants)
Cruz should be in for a BIG week versus what could be the worst team in the NFL. The Dolphins cannot cover anyone in the secondary and have been one of the worst in the pass. I would say all systems go on Victor Cruz this week and him having a solid week.

WR: Jeremy Maclin (Eagles)
The Cowboys will most likely focus their full attention on Maclin since he has killed them previously. Maclin has been fairly quite in recent weeks but this matchup should help him get back on his toes after the bye week I just don’t recommend a start right away.







WR: Antonio Brown: (Steelers)
Brown has been a solid number two option for Big Ben the past 3-4 weeks. If you look inside the numbers he is actually toe to toe with Mike Wallace as far as targets and looks like the better receiver between him and Hines Ward. I would definitely take a chance on him this week with potentially the Patriots and Steelers being a HIGH scoring game.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald: (Cardinals)
I would suggest benching him but then again who benches a guy that is this good. Well if it was me I would Baltimore can’t score a lick on offense, but they still managed to stop everyone in their tracks and that includes top notch receivers like Fitzgerald. I say go with your heart and if it says start him “Hey at least I warned you”







TE: Heath Miller: (Steelers)
Miller has been very under the radar lately but he has come up big in recent weeks. Big Ben has targeted him more than he did the first 4 weeks of the season, leading some people like myself that possibly Big Ben and Miller got their connection back. If so this can make for a playoff push in any league deep down the stretch.

TE: Dallas Clark: (Colts)
One word “BENCH”







DEF: New York Giants
I have two words this time “FIELD DAY” Matt Moore is bound to turn the ball over several times and can lead to a touchdown or two. Look for the Giants defense to be the leaders in scoring this week.

DEF: Philadelphia Eagles
This is the game I see having the highest score of the week. I see this game finishing 38-31 someone winning just can’t point my finger to which team it will be. Regardless, both the Cowboys defense and the Eagles should both be benched this week.







KICKER: Dan Bailey (Cowboys)
There will be a lot of scoring in this game and with a lot of scoring comes the kicker out a lot so look for Mr. Bailey to get a heavy dosage of calls on Sunday.

KICKER: Adam Vinateri (Colts)
Adam’s team is on stagnant mode right now. For those of you who don’t know what that means it’s another word for dormant and for those of you who don’t know what that means it just means plain pathetic.  


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