Week 7 Start/Sit







QB: Tim Tebow (Broncos)
Tebow is my sleeper start this week not only is he going against a Miami Dolphins team which is in shambles, Tebow will be doing a lot of running with what was his top receiver now in St.Louis. For a player like myself that has Brady on bye this week I’m going with Tebow so I can make it a little exciting.

QB: Jay Cutler (Bears)
I have always liked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense at home and this week is no different. Cutler always struggles versus tough aggressive defense and with his offense live not helping much look for the Bucs defense to have a little fun this weekend when the Bears visit Tampa.







RB: Marshawn Lynch (Seahawks)
Lynch has been running well the last couple of weeks and a bye should help that even more. Lynch who has been up and down so far this season cause of an inconsistent offensive line should have a bulk of carries versus the Browns look for Lynch to have another game like he did 2 weeks ago with 98 yards and a touchdown.

RB: Michael Turner (Falcons)
The Lions defense is stingy and their front 4 is out of this world. The Falcons are on the road which complicates things even more, I see Turner getting his usual touches but not his usual yards. Actually I see him being more productive this week out the passing game if that, bottom line I wouldn’t gamble with Turner having a good week this week.







RB: Mark Ingram (Saints)
I LOVE LOVE Ingram’s match up this week, I will go out on a limb and say he has his career high in touchdowns this week with 2 and a whole of yards. The saints at home should be in the redzone and endzone plenty times giving Ingram to post his best week to date.

RB: Steven Jackson (Rams)
Ok, I know he is a MONSTER when given the chance but this week screams WARNING! Here is why, he is on the road versus the Dallas Cowboys (A very good run stopping team) and his QB situation is out of control. Yes, given that he will get more carries with Bradford banged up gives me more reason why the Rams might run him to ground early. The cowboys are not easy to run on plain and simple.







WR: Jordy Nelson (Packers)
He has proven week after week that when Rodgers finds him he will produce, and this week should be no different. The Packers face Minnesota which well let’s say they have a rookie QB going and the Packers will have plenty opportunities to score. Like I say expose the weak match ups and take advantage when they are their like this one.

WR: Vincent Jackson (Chargers)
Vincent troubles me a lot, not only is he always ailing that hamstring injury but he will be covered by Revis. It won’t be an easy task to get open against Revis with him being 100% this year. Jackson will get his look that’s without a doubt, but one thing is for sure Revis has his own Island and I don’t know if Jackson’s invited.







WR: Early Doucet (Cardinals)
Doucet should get most of his looks of the season this week. Fitzgerald will be homed in like a hawk by the Steelers defense giving Doucet a chance to shine. Doucet started off slow but has recently picked up his production in the last 3 weeks which should only boost his confidence.

WR: Reggie Wayne (Colts)
I hate having Reggie in this position but he’s just not providing enough for some fantasy owners. Wayne who has not caught a touchdown since week 1 is due for another but is this the week? I can say one thing positive! The Colts will be trailing early and a lot so maybe just maybe Reggie gets back to his old form just for one week.







FLEX: Lance Moore (Saints)
Out of all the wide receivers in New Orleans, I would take my chances most with Lance Moore. He is the most productive of the bunch and the less injury prone so he’s always running on all cylinders. Just be on the cautious side also, while I love this match up if the Saints go up early and by a lot they will probably settle for running the rest of the way.

FLEX: Santana Moss (Redskins)
WOW! This is situation is dangerous. I would definitely not go with Santana Moss this week at all especially given the fact that 1) Shanahan calls more running plays than what he likes to pass 2) You have John Beck as your starter versus a Carolina defense which is not necessarily TOP NOTCH but I believe can hold their own at home.







TE: Heath Miller (Steelers)
Miller has picked up production the last 3 weeks and been very effective in the Pittsburgh offense. For those of you who have a Patriot tight end on a bye, Gates which we all know can disappoint us this year, or Dallas Clark which well we don’t recognize this year. Heath Miller can be a very decent plug think about it.

TE: Mercedes Lewis (Jaguars)
All out bench this guy I may say for the rest of the season. This guy has been horrible, I mean the worst, and I mean literally who is this guy? I know people who took him early for being a tight end before Garrard got cut, but man I never was a fan of his period. Just go check my bust section in case you think I was joking.







DEF: Oakland Raiders
I myself will be starting this defense versus the Chiefs this week which I believe are one of the better under rated defenses in the league. Automatically I say the Raiders take away the running game from the Chiefs forcing them to go through the air potentially paving way for Matt Cassel mistakes. Raiders are at home as well with a new QB is this could be interesting.

DEF: New York Jets
While I think Revis can hold Vincent Jackson in check, that doesn’t mean the whole Jets defense have enough to contain all of the Charger weapons. Matthews, Floyd, and a little bit of Jackson is a lot for one defense to handle and contain. Rivers is a competitor and knowing how he loves to be a gamer he will be going for the kill whenever he sees the opportunity.







KICKER: Dan Carpenter (Dolphins)
This pick is simple the Dolphins will muster up maybe a touchdown or two, everything else will be field goals so look for Carpenter to have a solid week.

KICKER: Shaun Suisham (Steelers)
I’m looking at a few Steeler touchdowns with the rest of the time them settling for punts feel free to look elsewhere.


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