Week 6 Start / Sit

Week 6 has a lot of intriguing matchups and some very key players on bye. This week I will come with a couple of eye opener’s that will have everyone saying “What the”!






QB: Mark Sanchez (Jets)
I love this matchup for Sanchez to get his swagga and confidence back up. The Miami Dolphins to me are officially the worst team in the NFL and can’t cover a turtle out in the flat if their lives depended on it. Look for Sanchez to hook up with Holmes, Keller, and Plaxico at least once in this game.

QB: Matt Schaub (Texans)
I would be very concerned with starting Schaub this week. Not only is he on the road versus the Ravens he will still be without his top dog Andre Johnson. Look for the Ravens to ruffle his feathers early and get him out of his game.






RB: Delone Carter (Colts)
If you truly looking for a bye week fix then Carter is your guy. Granted he is going up against one of the better defense in the league in the Bengals and is on the road, but I can say with confidence he will be heavily involved in the Colts offense on Sunday. Look for him to be your plug this week, he brings spend and quickness to a fairly older Colts offense.

RB: Fred Jackson (Bills)
Now I know people are going to look at me and say really bench Fred Jackson? Come on man! Well I’m here to tell you this is the week that Mr. Jackson’s run ends till week 8. He is going up against a New York Giants defense which is not one of the best but has a tough front line and at home always manages to perform a little better than on the road. Hey take it from me I will be the first to eat my words if this doesn’t pan out like I see.






RB: Stevan Ridley (Patriots)
This prediction I know some of you will say is even bolder, but like in true Bill Belichick fashion it’s as unpredictable as he is. Last week it was “The Law Firm” Ben Jarvis this week it’s Ridley turn. I’m a big believer that both of these guys will share the load for the rest of the season. Look for Ridley to bounce back this week with a good performance.

RB: Arian Foster (Texans)
Just like Schaub this matchup looks very difficult for Foster especially given the fact that his hamstring injury seems to linger in every game. I won’t say to bench him out right over someone like Delone Carter but if you have a cup cake matchup on your schedule I would suggest going with that instead of facing the beloved Ravens.






FLEX: Nate Burelson (Lions)
Once again Burelson is my go to guy in the flex position. He has a sweet matchup at home versus the 49ers. The Lions will once again make noise through the air and ground as they try to go 6-0 on the season. Look for Burelson to bounce back after a so/so Monday night performance.

FLEX: Ben Jarvis Ellis (Patriots)
Well this pick is simple if I’m telling you to start Ridley, I will back off Ellis for this week. Ellis will be involved but I think in usual Belichick form he will look for a change of pace and insert Ridley more this week.






WR: Santana Moss (Redskins)
I’m betting all my marbles this week that Moss goes over 100 yards receiving and catches at least one touchdown. Moss will be amped up for this game versus the Eagles; it will also be an opportunity for Moss and company to assert themselves as a true contender in the NFC East.

WR: Reggie Wayne (Colts)
Alright, it’s about time for everyone who drafted Wayne in hopes of having Manning back by now and at least getting some production from Wayne come to the realization that it’s not happening this year or anytime soon. Wayne did have a productive week 1 and since has really not helped many fantasy owners. So with that said I hope you find it in your heart to believe me when I say “just let this one go”.






WR: Plaxico Burress (Jets)
I don’t believe the Dolphins have anyone in the secondary that can cover a 6 foot 5 monster of a receiver. Look for Plaxico to possibly have his best game of the season versus the Dolphins and showcase it on Monday Night Football.

WR: Steve Smith (Panthers)
This might be my most bold prediction since Steve Smith has been on absolute (FUEGO) for those who don’t speak Spanish that means (FIRE). This week though Cam Newton is on the road versus the Falcons and I see them locking him down to force Cam Newton into making some mental mistakes. For those of you who think I’m nuts I would definitely start Santana Moss over Smith since I believe Moss has a way better matchup.






TE: Ed Dickson (Ravens)
If you’re looking for a true sleeper tight end this week look no further than the Ravens Ed Dickson. He will be a great pick up for those of you who are still struggling to find that tight end with Dallas Clark and Antonio Gates both stinking it up this season. Dickson has been extremely productive when given the opportunity.

TE: Dallas Clark (Colts)
This is another one of my Colt players I say BENCH Immediately! Clark has found himself blocking more this season than going out for passes. He’s been needed to help protect Painter so the Colts don’t run out of quarterbacks for the season. I will go out on a limb and say if someone wants to give you some chump change for Clark take it.






DEF: Chicago Bears
The Bears are at home Sunday night and playing versus Adrian Peterson cause after that the Vikings don’t have much offensively. It should be a good day for the Bears defense to get back in sync as they were somewhat embarrassed by the Lions on Monday night.

DEF: Philadelphia Eagles
For the first time all year I will come out and say that the Eagles might be in trouble. They are on the road versus the Redskins, and Washington looks ready and willing to take the challenge the Eagles bring. Like I said in my Santana Moss post look for him to have a touchdown and some so the Eagles will need to wake up or it will be another long Sunday.






KICKER: Jason Hanson (Lions)
Keep starting this guy until his leg falls off and when his bye week comes around I suggest NOT dropping him. Their won’t be anybody better to pick up after you drop him so be careful how you go about him.

KICKER: Dan Carpenter (Dolphins)
He is a love/hate relationship because of the fact he is truly a great kicker but is struggling this year greatly just like his team. For now, keep him benched or drop him I sure you can get a better kicker on the waiver wire.


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