Week 5 Start / Sit

So in my week 5 edition of start and sit we finally get some players on bye weeks. To kick that off I’m going against a lot of top notch elite players to try and give you the Ultimate sleepers of the week.






QB: Cam Newton (Panthers)
This monster is a MUST START this week. He is at home versus the Saints and weather they are trailing or leading Newton will be heavily involved. Steve Smith has been his go to target and I believe that will continue, add to the fact that when the Panthers are in the red-zone they usually attempt 2 runs with Newton look for him to have another huge fantasy output.
PROJECTION: 25              

QB: Philip Rivers (Chargers)
You must think and say this guy is CRAZY! Well I am, and I would also bench Rivers this week on the road versus the Broncos. Yes I said it! The same Bronco team that just finish giving up 42 points against the Green Bay Packers at home last week. Wake up people this is the NFL and the Broncos will be prepared for this inter division rivalry game.






RB: Jahvid Best (Lions)
Ok, enough with the flex play with this guy he is a MUST start, not just this week but from here on out. Best is one of the most explosive players in the NFL playing for one of the better teams in the NFL yes the Detroit Lions? People the Lions are for real and Best is the real deal, start this guy from now on I won’t ever mention this again and if you can trade for him in your leagues do so.

RB: Matt Forte (Bears)
Once again I’m putting my behind on the line and saying bench Matt Forte this week. I love the Lions run defense and if you haven’t seen them perform go watch the NFL Network and a re-run of the Lions-Vikings game week 3 and the Lions-Cowboys game week 4 in the second half alone COMBINED they allowed a total of 9 points. Oh and by the way did I mention that they are at home Monday night?






RB: Steven Ridley (Patriots)
This kid is a pest and in due time will become one of Tom Brady’s favorite targets. Bill Belichick already has him in several packages and it looks like he is the second coming of Wes Welker. He brings speed and quickness to a much rather slow offense team. I picked him up this week off waivers and if you did as well insert him in your lineup you might regret going up against a battered Jets defense.

RB: Cedric Benson (Bengals)
If it were not for pending court cases or suspensions Cedric Benson would be a starter each and every week, but with numerous cases front and center and a game on the road I think this week it all catches up. Benson who is in the middle of battling court case after court case will be out of sync this week you can call me an idiot or tell me I need a shrink but they guy is human and it takes its toll.






FLEX: Willis McGahee (Broncos)
He might be old (IF YOU WANT TO CONSIDER 29 YEARS OLD…OLD) and on his 5th team, but that fact still remains that McGahee is running the ball and running it hard. Matter of fact, he is running so hard; he outran the pre-season starter Moreno out of his job. McGahee keeps seeing the field even with Moreno back from injury, so if I was you and in need of a quick fix at flex McGahee would definitely be one of my options.

FLEX: Jeremy Maclin (Eagles)
For some odd reason this game to me smells like trouble for the whole Philadelphia Eagles team. Maclin has had much trouble all season long trying to find some holes and I think this trend continues at Buffalo. I see this more being the Desean Jackson and Stevie Johnson show.






WR: Nate Burleson (Lions)
I see a BIG week for this wide out as all the defensive attention and focus will be centered around his teammate Calvin Johnson. Burleson will get his fair share of looks this week especially with this being a Monday night game as he thrives to have these big moments.  On another note, I had to go with him as well because he was born on the same day as me.

WR: Dwayne Bowe (Chiefs)
This one is my gut pick. All I’m saying is that Chiefs are on the road and while we know that the Colts are trying to land Andrew Luck they definitely don’t want to go 0-16 so this week they come to play shut down Bowe and all the Fantasy owners of Bowe will be extremely disappointed or extremely upset. Just remember I said “Told Ya”






WR: Eric Decker (Broncos)
Is he the next Ed McCaffrey? All you Broncos fans know what I’m talking about. McCaffrey ended up being one of the most reliable targets for John Elway and leading the team in receptions several years. Decker reminds me a lot of Ed and the boy is tough and loves to play the game. I know a few fantasy owners who have already picked him up and started him this week is another good one.

WR: Mike Wallace (Steelers)
A banged up Big Ben and a Steelers team playing versus the Titans which are (3-1) and DO NOT have a bad defense at all. I will go out on a limb and say be cautious about this match and look at the injury report for Big Ben all week it can be a determining factor on how good Wallace is this week.






TE: Owen Daniels (Texans)
I see the Texans throwing, throwing, and throwing some more with no Andre Johnson. Find it Funny? Actually shouldn’t be as Schaub will try to establish himself better for the next 2 weeks with Jacoby Jones and Owen Daniels. Don’t get me wrong Foster will have his share of carries but look for Schaub to look for Daniels, Walters, and Jones a lot on Sunday.

TE: Zach Miller (Seahawks)
So 17 million dollars guarantee and that’s what you get out of your 17 million dollar man? Let’s see a total of 8 receptions 65 yards and ZERO touchdowns which equals to a big fat donut. I think it’s time to bench him in ALL leagues and actually in real life, actually I think they should re-construct his contract and give half to charity.






DEF: Giants
My prediction 3 sacks, 1 Interception, 1 defensive touchdown, and 10 points allowed I say that’s a great day to start this defense.

DEF: Jets
On the other hand I predict Brady will torch this defense for 30 points, have no interceptions, and just 1 sack at least something to show that they were out there looking at the Brady Show.






Kicker: Jason Hanson (Lions)
Finally if I went with Best and Burleson, I have to go with the best kicker in the game right now. This guy has been lights out and I mean Reggie Miller lights out he is money like Mayweather.

Kicker: Mike Nugent (Bengals)
A field goal and an extra point is what he is good for on Sunday. There’s a lot NOT to like from the Bengals this week, there on the road with a rookie QB and the weather I hear will be rainy.


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