Week 4 Start / Sit






QB: Sam Bradford (Rams)
At home versus the Redskins on a short week I love this matchup for Bradford. He has a chance to redeem himself after a dismal performance against the Ravens. I see him finally looking for Lance Kendricks a lot in the open field.

QB: Matthew Stafford (Lions)
For some reason I DO NOT like this game on the road for Stafford. It has the making of a reality check for Stafford which can only lead to miss communications and a lot of turnovers. All I willsay “caution”.






RB: LeGarrette Blount (Buccaneers)
Blount has the opportunity to shine on Monday night. He will be facing a colts team beat up physically and most importantly mentally. The loss of Manning for the season is starting to set in and Blount is at home which we all know is always a BIG benefit.

RB: Frank Gore (49ers)
I said it in my Bust column before the season started; Frank Gore would be a BUST! This matchup versus the Eagles on the road doesn’t get any easier to spring out of the slump. After 3 games and a combine 148 yards rushing I think you might need to start looking elsewhere. 49ers are 30th in the league in rushing, the Seahawks are better at 29th and that’s bad.






RB: Dexter McCluster (Chiefs)
I love this matchup for McCluster; Todd Haley will be forced to get a spark in the offense which in turn will get McCluster heavily involved. By far McCluster is the most explosive player they have remaining and until Cassel doesn’t hit Bowe a few more times down the field, McCluster should be in for a heavy dose of involvement especially being at home.

RB: Rashard Mendenhall (Steelers)
Here’s my reason for sitting this beast this week. One they’re on the road, Big Ben always gets rattled away from home. Two they’re playing a Texans team which will have a limited Foster and again will air it out to Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels. Finally, once the Steelers fall behind, they’ll be forced to throw more and more and use Mendenhall on some blocking situation which will limit his carries.






FLEX: Malcom Floyd (Chargers)
The Chargers face the Dolphins YES! The Dolphins who are in current disarray and most likely will get used and abused by Rivers and company. Floyd should be in line for a big day but then again all the chargers should be in for a big day.

FLEX: Jahvid Best (Lions)
Once again, on the road and versus a Cowboys team that will be pumped up after winning Monday night I would much rather stay away from this headache. Yes, best has been very productive so far this season but he might find himself running into DeMarcus Ware a lot this Sunday.






WR: Lance Moore (Saints)
Man do I love this matchup, not only do I expect Moore to play a huge part this Sunday but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he has a career high in yards. Can I get some love of that prediction comes true?

WR: Santonio Holmes (Jets)
Holmes will get his share of yards this Sunday but, this game has the making of a 9-3, 10-6, or even 6-3 finish. Yet, watch me open my big fat mouth now and this game finish 41-38 why? Cause that’s just the way life is the over/under is currently 41 ½ making it the 4th lowest of the week.






WR: Jordy Nelson (Packers)
My gut feeling says this week Rodgers targets Nelson a lot and shows off another weapon in his arsenal. Nelson is a sleeper in a lot of leagues especially in 12 team formats make sure you keep an eye on him this Sunday and beyond.

WR: Anquan Boldin (Ravens)
Boldin will fall into the same category as Holmes this week, lost in a defensive game that will produce a finish of 10-6. Look at the bright side of this prediction here, I already said that since I opened my mouth this game now will end up being 41-38 making it the highest one of the week.






TE: Lance Kendrick (Rams)
They are at home against the Redskins and at the end of the Ravens game Bradford was finding his way with Kendrick. I expect more of the same this week as these two will finally get in rhythm like they were in pre-season and breakout of that slump.

TE: Dustin Keller (Jets)
First off, he will have a tough task versus the Ravens that alone is a challenge. Second, he will be protecting Mark Sanchez more than usual in this game since the Ravens will be sure to bring the blitz packages their saving for their old defensive coach (Rex Ryan).






DEF: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
They play at home against the Colts and when the Buccaneers play at home they’re a much different team. The Colts are still trying to find their way without Manning which we can all see has been extremely difficult for them.

DEF: Pittsburg Steelers
I’m very concerned the Texans well throw all over the field this week. Schaub looked in sync with Daniels and more so with Johnson. Look for the Steelers defense to get burnt a few times for gambling like they usually do.






KICKER: Ryan Succop (Chiefs)
I love his matchup this week Succop will have plenty of opportunities to put it through the up-rights. The Vikings defense isn’t scary and McCluster should definitely help advance the ball down field.

KICKER: Dan Carpenter (Dolphins)
Dan Carpenter is just like his coach on the HOT SEAT! If he doesn’t get his act together he will be gone as fast as his coach bench him at well.


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