Week 3 Start / Sit







QB: Cam Newton (Panthers)
At home and versus a weak defense Cam has the opportunity to throw for another 400 yards with ease. With what he has
done the past 2 weeks he now becomes a MUST START for you all that have stashed him in your bench.

QB: Matt Ryan (Falcons)
Tampa Bay defense is no slouch and when they are at home they become even more aggressive. I haven’t seen Ryan get in
full sync with Roddy White so that’s an extra concern for caution.







RB: Dexter McCluster (Chiefs)
The Chiefs have no offense and they will be down quick and big versus the chargers on the road. McCluster will be used
to the MAX in any offense set the chiefs can create for him he will be on the field a lot.

RB: Ahmad Bradshaw (Giants)
This is the week where Bradshaw hits the wall. Hostile crowd, tough defense, and season opener at home for the Eagles all factors going against Bradshaw.







RB: Ryan Matthews (Chargers)
Matthews is starting to get a lot of praise from Norv Turner and is becoming more involved in the offense than Tolbert. When in doubt go with whoever has the hot hand, plays at home, and is playing a weak defense.

RB: Ryan Starks (Packers)
I don’t trust Starks yet as the full time back. Playing Chicago at soldier field is a difficult feat within itself and I see Rodgers looking for his favorite targets a lot and early.







WR: Steve Johnson (Bills)
I know he’s a little banged up, but do you honestly think he will missed out on this division game with both teams 2-0? Not a chance he will be out there and be out there BIG!

WR: Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)
The Seahawks will clamp down on Fitzgerald this week, they won’t want him being the sole reason they lose this game at home.







WR: Steve Smith (Panthers)
So if I’m going with Cam Newton I’m riding with his best WR. Steve Smith has been on a tear and for those of you who got lucky and drafted him in the 7th or 8th round this is the week to deploy him with full confidence.

WR: Santonio Holmes (Jets)
Oakland has a stingy defense and they are at home which will make it even more difficult for the Jets. Holmes has been bright at times, but personally I have never trusted Mark Sanchez on the road.







WR: A.J. Green (Bengals)
Ok the kid is the truth and the Bengals are at home so I think they will showcase their crown jewel. Look for Green to play big and be big versus the 49ers.

WR: Reggie Wayne (Colts)
The colts are at home, but they have the Steelers defense coming to town. The way Collins has been playing, I would bench all colts but I’m going to suggest Wayne as the main one.







TE: Jimmy Graham (Saints)
I’m looking for Brees to check down to Jimmy a lot this week. Look for Jimmy to have a nice Sunday, he already has been getting a steady dose this week it goes up another notch.

TE: Vernon Davis (49ers)
Stay away, stay away, stay away, Last week it was Antonio Gates (WHICH I HIT ON ZERO CATCHES ZERO YARDS) this week it’s Vernon
Davis. The Bengals will focus to shut down him, but eventually will get beat by Gore.







DEF: 49ers
The Bengals will manage to put up some points and win, but I don’t see this being a high scoring game I see more of a
15-14 which I would take any defense that gives up those few points.

DEF: Packers
I’m going to tell you who I am scared of Matt Forte the guy has been on fuego!! Can he be stopped? I don’t know but
given the bears are at home I wouldn’t press my luck and start the packers’ defense.







KICKER: David Akers (49ers)
Do you see the score I put on the 49ers defense? 16-14. How about I go on a lime and say Akers has all their points.

KICKER: Jason Hanson (Lions)
I see the Lions scoring through the air and ground this week and not kicking to many field goals. I would go another
route if I had Hanson on my team this week.


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