How long can colts last without Manning?

So according to several sources Manning felt yesterday (August 27) as good as he’s felt since he’s neck operation but I’m not buying it. I believe he will miss a significant amount of time and the Colts will sputter in the beginning. So with that being said I’m here to talk about the possibility of Peyton Manning missing his first 2 games and be forced to go on the PUP list. (UPDATE HE HAS SINCE BEEN ACTIVATED).  The last time Manning missed pre-season time and had a significant injury the Colts started 2-4 and Manning was not that effective in the fantasy world. Granted the Colts ended up winning 9 in a row and going 12-4 to only lose in the first round of the playoffs but you could clearly see in 2008 that Manning was not himself through the first 6 games of the season. Fast forward to 2011 and I can honestly see something similar happening and worse cause the extent of the injury is in a more sensitive part of the body (neck). I see Wayne, Clark, and even the Colts running game taken a hit when Manning is not in the huddle. Bottom line the Colts are NOT the same team without Manning and everyone including the Colts know it since they spent a ridiculous amount of money on Kerry Collins. All I want to say is can this be the beginning of the end to one of the most dominant quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.


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