Best Rookie so far is?

Well after one week of (PRE-SEASON NFL ACTION) I would say Julio Jones, Cam Newton, and Lance Kendricks looked really impressive on their first week of real NFL action. The one who blew me away though was Ryan Mallet guy looked poised and ready for NFL action. He went 12/19 164 yards and 1 touchdown pass. Yes I know and understand its all preseason but for the patriots to have this guy learning from the wings of Tom Brady is unbelievable (WATCH OUT AFC EAST).  If he’s not the successor to Brady in New England it won’t matter. The price the Patriots paid to get this talent was nothing compared to what they can get for him in a future. A trade with a desperate team in need of a quarterback will then show the value of that pick. Tell me your thoughts, drop some comments.


One response to “Best Rookie so far is?

  • lisams1181

    New England has a definite talent for developing QBs. It seems to be that part of the key to that is bring them along slowly and allowing them to learn from the veteran talent ahead of them on the depth chart. I thought Hoyer looked very impressive as well – it wouldn’t surprise me if he was pursued by other teams as a starter within the next year to two years.

    The Patriots ownership/GM/coaching staff have a good system in place to keep them on top of the AFC East for years to come – they amass draft picks by trading players the rest of the league perceives as valuable and they draft and develop young talent to take the places of the veterans they trade away. And occasionally they bring in free agent talent at key positions to enhance their lineup. Mallett looks like he has the tools to develop into the heir apparent to Tom Brady. This bodes well for the Patriots – as opposed to the Colts, who have long shrugged off their need to develop young talent at QB to back up Peyton Manning, and which very well may come back to bite them this season.

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